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5 R and R1

We highly recommend Jirius. He is a conscientious, experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely likable realtor. In a very tough market, he managed to help our property stand out. We had many showings and two offers within the span of three months, and we were very satisfied with the eventual closing. Throughout it all we always felt Jirius was trustworthy, reliable, and caring, with lots of sound and practical advice. We also appreciated his flexibility.

5 Craig Sebring

Jirius wanted to offer my condo for $240k which I thought was ridiculously high. Sure, it was a nicely remodeled condo in a great location but I felt it was way too high of a price but 2 weeks later a full price offer came in and we took it.

Jirius clearly understands the market and is willing to take bold steps towards a sale. He also understands people, why they offer what they do and how you should react to an offer.

I’m using him again, right now, to sell another one of my houses.

5 user8211766

I had the good fortune to find myself in the more than capable hands of Jirius during the recent difficult short sale process of my condo. Throughout the entire experience he repeatedly demonstrated his expertise in negotiating the details of the transaction, coming to my aid numerous times with the proper response I should take and sage advice on dealing with the various legal aspects involved. Even during an unexpected issue with the title on the property, he showed his true colors and remained loyal to his initial promise to see the sale through to its completion. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services without question and rest assured you will avail yourself of the finest quality of care in the real estate marketplace today.

5 ddutchover

My family and I have relied on Jirius to provide full service real estate services for many years. Speak with him for just a few minutes or at length about any real estate topic. No wasted time. Best in the biz.

5 user74498897

Jirius was a blessing! He was enthusiastic and very helpful when other agents had no desire to assist me with the short sale of my house. Jirius was very communicative and responsive to any of my questions and ‘walked me back from the ledge’ when the short sale process became frustrating and I lost some patience. With me being on the other side of the country in MD, his excellent communication skills were a must. He received multiple offers and worked the best deal for all involved; he ensured the buyers knew the extended timeframes needed so there weren’t any issues later in the process. Jirius provided resources for my use, such as a realty lawyer and vacant home caretakers, and went above and beyond what was required to get the house ready for the buyer. I truly appreciate Jirius and will recommend him to anyone looking for an invested realtor.

5 rose ana85

We’re glad for Jirius’ time and effort he put in for us. You can tell he has a lot of passion in what he does. He really knows what he’s doing and educates you along the way. After being denied by the bank, we tried Jirius, we had nothing to lose except getting denied again lol. I’m glad Jirius encouraged us to try again. Now we have our own home! I learned Jirius thru my parents when they purchased house- After having Jirius help us buy a home, I recommend anybody else to use Jirius. Good Job Jiruis.

5 bejames

Jurius is a powerful tool to have when buying or selling. He is honest and truly there for his customers. Throughout our search he was responsive and open for discussion about anything. The transparency is great, not only did we find the home of our dreams but we also learned a lot from him about real estate and financing. I could call him my favorite realtor, but to be honest I would have to call him a great friend…

5 caronc

We had a frustrating buy as it involved a lengthy legal petition about the sub division of the property that we wanted to purchase. Jirius was very patient with us when we made it clear that this was the property we wanted. He saw the deal all the way through, even though it took close to six months to finalize. We are very appreciative to his knowledge and loyalty.

5 forbes jim

Jirius took a sows ear and turned it into a silk slipper. With his help, I went from probably only getting “tear down” money ($100,000.00) to $320,000.00 for the same house with some upgrades. I would have lost a lot of money without him. Thank You, Jirius.

5 ceesuff

While I initially chose Jiruis due to a family connection, he ended up being an excellent agent. He worked with my schedule- whether day or evening- when viewing the myriad properties we investigated, and he was an able negotiator. He was intimately familiar with the processes for escrow, financing, etc., and made sure that everything was covered. He was very effective and I can heartily recommend his services.

5 rodriguezron11

I really enjoyed working with Mr. Jirius. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. His understanding of the housing market in this area is extensive making our search much easier and less stressful, almost a pleasure. And when making a major purchase of a home there is always some apprehension and stress. I recently recommended a friend to Mr. Jirius and him and his wife are now happy homeowners. Thank you Mr. Jirius. Ron.

5 caroncoburn

Jirius Isaac is a very reliable and trustworthy real estate agent. My husband and I would not hesitate to contact him for any needs regarding buying, selling or re-financing our home.

5 user9245409

I really enjoyed working with Mr. Jirius. He was very knowledgeable and experienced. Purchasing a home can be stressful in any situation. Because of his expertise and knowledge in this area it made purchasing a home almost a breeze. The few problems that we ran into was smoothed over because of Mr. jirius knowledge in the real estate industry. We highly recommend Mr. Jirius as an agent you can trust weather buying or selling. Thank you Mr. Jirius. Ron.

4 kelmc

Jirius was so helpful throughout our whole short sale. He was very knowledgable about the process. He really took the same to talk us through it and answer questions. We will work with him again!

4 craigbowles

Jirius did a good job for me on both selling my home and finding and purchasing a new home. He was atentive to details and made both transactions as seamless as possibe. Thanks, Jirius

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